JACLYN BRYANT, Director & Educational Consultant
Jaclyn is the founder and Director of ISGC. She first developed an interest in education while attending a private school herself. Her work at ISGC has brought her to over 30 countries to recruit students all across Canada. She is an avid traveler and is always looking to learn more about different cultures. Jaclyn has welcomed international families to Canada for over 10 years, providing countless students with guardianship services to ensure a happy, safe and successful year abroad!

BRODIE CHRIST, Director of Operations
Brodie is an experienced marketing and business management professional with an extensive history of working with international students. His family has been a long and short term host for international students many times over the last decade. He attended private boarding school in Ontario, went to university in the United States and studied in Japan. He believes deeply in the importance of learning about other cultures and experiencing the diversity the world has to offer.

LEITHA KOHL, Manager of Student Life & Enrolment
Leitha has been working with Jaclyn and the ISGC team since 2010 and with international students since 2005. During her career Leitha has taught ESL classes, coordinated homestay experiences, supervised summer ESL camp sessions and assisted with recruitment, registration and immigration for both private and public school students. Leitha speaks fluent German and is proficient in Spanish. She is an avid traveler, having spent many years living, studying and working abroad!

RACHAEL McDONALD, Homestay Director
Rachael has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for working with youth. She has offered homestay support to ISGC students since 2012 while running her own business since 2010, providing various business support services. Born in London, England, Rachael has lived, studied and worked abroad in countries around the world. Rachael joined ISGC in 2015 and offers her well-rounded experience and heartfelt dedication to ensure students have a successful stay in Canada.

ARIADNA CASTILLO, Student Coordinator & Accounts Supervisor
Ariadna attended Universidad Panamericana in her native Mexico and graduated with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration. She also volunteered at several schools as an English teacher. She came to Toronto in 2005 to further her studies at George Brown College and joined the ISGC team in 2014. Now a Canadian citizen, she enjoys using her experience, knowledge and skills as well as her Spanish language to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time in Canada!

Christina graduated from George Brown College with a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism and a BBA in Hospitality. Her experience in hospitality over the last several years has focused primarily on customer service and providing a successful and fun experience for clients, young and old. Christina fell in love with travelling as a child while studying in France and touring parts of Europe with her brother and parents. She has travelled to over ten countries, and, she hopes, many more to come!
Maria Deamude, Homestay Operations Coordinator
Maria is a teacher by training with degrees in both Education and Visual Arts in Ontario and she has experience in the classroom in Canada and the U.K. Living overseas was the ultimate travel experience for Maria and she has since been able to visit many countries to learn and explore. The opportunity to live in another country as an adult and appreciate how overwhelming it can be at any age has brought her a deeper understanding of the experience and a greater desire to support students making a similar huge leap. She has been working hard to learn Spanish as well.
JANE SIEVIERINA, Administrative Assistant
Jane is ISGC's Administrative Assistant where she provides administrative and enrolment support to the ISGC team and our students. Prior to joining ISGC, Jane spent 3 years at Seneca College as an international student. As a result, she enjoys sharing her personal experience, skills and knowledge with the new students to ensure their relaxed experience in Canada. Previously, Jane worked as a coordinator for a tour & transportation company, which gave a special understanding of all Ontario has to offer newcomers!

ASHLEY BRYANT, Administrative Assistant
Ashley B. has worked in customer service providing superior client care since she was a teenager. She lived in the United Kingdom for two years and intimately understands the rewards and challenges of studying in a new country. More than anything, Ashley B. loves interacting with ISGC's many students from around the world and learning about their home life and experiences. When she is not helping around the office, she is a professional actor and musician.